More People Are Living Closer to Mom & These Mothers Explain Why They Do

Mother,daughter and granddaughter

A mother would do just about anything to ensure her child is okay. Whether taking a plane, train, or automobile, when she says "I'm just a phone call away," she means it. Well, it looks like mama doesn't have to travel far. Researchers from the Health and Retirement Study have determined that the average US citizen lives just 18 miles from Mom.


Depending on how fast you drive, that's pretty close.

Experts have determined that families who reside in states like Alabama and Mississippi live about six miles away from their mothers, and those who call New York and New Jersey home need only eight miles to get to Mom. In case you're wondering, people who live the furthest distance live in states like Arizona, Utah, and Colorado (roughly 44 miles away from their mothers).

While there are many factors that can determine how close a person lives to his or her mother, researchers note education and income as two of the biggest.

Having such a close-knit family can be beneficial for everyone. For starters, you establish a bond and support system that can help throughout many parenting aspects -- including finances (hey, daycare ain't cheap) and emotional health. It also doesn't hurt to have Grandma nearby for pretty much ... anything.

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The truth is, living close to Mom isn't really anything new, but it can be super awesome, and very convenient.

I talked to fellow mommies who are a short drive from -- or neighbors with -- their own mothers. Here are the reasons why they chose to live a short distance away:

  • "Well, I live probably five minutes from my parents. My mom picks my son up after work on certain days with his daycare. The older I have become, the [more] I understand how important family really is to have. My mom is my best friend and an angel from the sky." -- Jessica H., Columbia, Maryland
  • "When we bought our house just a few miles from my parents, I knew it would be convenient to be so close. But then I became a mom, and having my parents just a five-minute drive away is a game changer and a godsend. I love that our baby will grow up having such a close relationship with her grandparents." -- Julie S., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • "I’ve lived next door to my parents for about 10 years now and it’s something I highly recommend. It’s the perfect setup for a mom like me who works from home. I have the ultimate babysitter right next door and I don’t even have to get my daughter dressed before dropping her off. How great is that!?" -- Becky B., Phoenix, Arizona

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  • "I'm so thankful to have her just a floor or two away. My daughter and mom are so close, and there's no doubt that I wouldn't be able to work the hours I do, date as a single parent, or just survive without my mom being so close by. My mom is so important in our lives and I'm so grateful for her." -- Kweli W., Staten Island, New York
  • "The best thing about deciding to move so close to my mom was the unequivocal amount of support I now receive. We moved here about 18 months ago, mainly because of my husband's health, and financial stability -- but we definitely benefit from being so close to her." -- Jaime H., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hearing all these stories makes me wish I lived closer to my mother. I guess my father-in-law's being 10 minutes away will have to do (kidding, he's really awesome -- and such a blessing to our family).



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