10 Top Wins for Moms in 2015 (PHOTOS)

10 Top Wins for Moms in 2015 (PHOTOS)

Being a mom is hard work, obviously, but every once in a while, moms catch a break, whether via it's a new law or groundbreaking parental leave policy or a gamechanging study that confirms you're doing things right or gives you guidance to make a tweak. 

Here are 10 things that happened in 2015 that benefited moms greatly.

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  • Parental Leave Policies


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    This was the year in which leading, influential companies like Amazon and Facebook instituted or expanded  bold parental leave policies. The biggest highlight: Netflix announced unlimited paid parental leave in the first year a child is born or adopted. Hmm, are they hiring?

  • Public Breastfeeding Laws


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    In March, Virginia and South Dakota passed laws allowing public breastfeeding, leaving Idaho as the lone holdout nationwide. 

  • Quality Beats Quantity


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    When it comes to spending time with kids, quality trumps quantity, and the amount of time a parent spends with a child has little relevance to the child's success later on, a new, large-scale study found. So busy moms everywhere can let go of the guilt. The study found that today's parents are spending more quality time with kids than parents from the 1970s.

  • Young Moms, Smart Kids


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    British researchers found that in 18,000 kids studied, those who did best in cognitive tests at age 5 had been born to moms in their 30s. In all fairness, we have to point out that a pregnant woman's age is just one factor in the outcome of a child.

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  • Older Moms Live Longer


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    The Boston University Medical Center conducted a study of 462 women and found that those who had had their last child after age 33 were twice as likely to live past the age of 95 than those who'd stopped bearing children by 29. Resesarchers attributed the findings to a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

  • Working Moms Win


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    Daughters of working moms do better in the workplace, earning more and holding more supervisory jobs than those of moms who did not work outside the home, according to a Harvard study. Boys also benefit from having had working moms, growing up to see women as equals and share in housework.

  • Kids Live Near Moms


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    Here's something for younger moms to look forward to: The average American lives just 18 miles away from their mom, according to a comprehensive New York Times survey. That means that chances are, you'll have your child around long after he or she become adults. Of course, that's great news for young moms now, since it means more visits with Grammy for the kids.  

  • The Right to Grieve


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    A Texas law that allows moms who deliver stillborn babies to bury their children went into effect in September. Previously, parents of stillborn babies less than 13 weeks old were not allowed to take the child's body for burial.      

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  • WiFi Ban at Daycare


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    We're calling this as the next stateside parenting campaign. In February, France banned WiFi use in daycare centers, citing concerns over screen time.

  • Moms Get Paid


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    Talk about your literal mom wins: At least three moms won big lottery paydays this year, one of them scoring $4 million on Mother's Day after getting tickets as a present. An unemployed North Carolina single mom of four kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy, won a $188 million Powerball prize ; another single mom of four, from New Jersey, won $14 million after buying a ticket on a whim. 

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