The People on Our Holiday Cards Look Nothing Like My Family -- Oops

Holiday Christmas familyLike many moms, I spent too much time trying to pose my boys for what would hopefully be a memorable Christmas card. Getting my order in, I paid for the manufacturer to ship them off to all the "good little boys and girls" in my family. There's just one problem...


Some of the cards my relatives received weren't of my family.

When I saw a photo of what was sent, I thought to myself, Hmm, this looks picturesque, but definitely isn't us. Sure, it had a family of four (Mom, Dad, a boy, and a girl), but my husband and I have two little boys (almost 2, and 6 months). The dead giveaway, however, was that the family on the holiday card was white ... and mine is black.

Hahahaha. Talk about a holiday card fail, right?

I don't know who this family is, but can't help but wonder if their recipients received cards with my kids on them.

My tía Olivia's response was classic. Definitely more "politically correct" than another family member, who responded, "What do you mean there's a white family on your Christmas card? Stevie Wonder could see that ain't y'all."

Wrong holiday card text

Thankfully, it looks like only a few people got this card.

Yes, this was a huge goof -- and likely a human error -- but for some reason, I can't stop laughing.

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You couldn't script this any better for some Lifetime movie -- possibly about a type-A mother, who loves Christmas, and expects everything to be perfect. Now, I'll admit, the Virgo in me loves things going according to plan, but what am I supposed to do ... cry about the wrong family on my holiday card, scream about how Christmas is officially ruined, and sign everything with the hashtag #Blackholidaycardsmatter?

I don't think so.

I'm sure this will all get resolved -- but man, does this make for a funny holiday memory. There comes a point in life when you have to laugh, and try your hardest not to sweat the small stuff, ya know?

Thank God for digital copies.


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