11 Random Acts of Kindness That Would Make Any Mom's Day (PHOTOS)

Tanvier Peart | Dec 16, 2015 Being a Mom
11 Random Acts of Kindness That Would Make Any Mom's Day (PHOTOS)

Happy festive young African woman in a Santa hat standing in front of the decorated Christmas tree looking at the camera with a friendly smileNow that we're in the thick of the holiday season, many people are hustling on the double to finish up any last-minute needs. In the midst of decorating and gift purchases, it's always great to think of others -- including your mom friends.

Whether your gal pal is struggling to make the holidays special for her kids, or needs a moment to catch her breath, there are small acts of kindness you can do that will likely go a long way.

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Remember, it's better to give than receive.



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  • Make a meal


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    Consider yourself a best friend for life if you decide to make your pal a home-cooked meal. Groceries can be very expensive as is -- especially around the holidays. Your kind gesture won't go unnoticed.

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  • Buy diapers


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    There's no such thing as having too many diapers. In fact, a new parent will likely thank you, over and over and over again. The next time you're at your friend's house, take a peek at the diaper brand and size she buys for her child.

  • Sponsor a family


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    A great way to help a mom in need is to sponsor a family during the holidays. While you might not personally know her, your act of kindness will make this season so memorable. Check local organizations for ways you can help purchase items for families in need.

  • Take her kids for the day


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    No matter how much a mother loves her kids, she needs a break from time to time. This holiday season, give the gift that will be music to any mom's ears: You're taking her kids for the day. Think of the rest she can get -- assuming she doesn't try to fit in chores.

  • Buy stocking stuffers, or something small


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    Finances can be a touchy subject for anyone, let alone a mother trying to provide the best holiday she can for her kids. Consider giving her kiddos stocking stuffers full of goodies they can pair with other gifts.

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  • Gift her a spa treatment


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    Strong hands. A peaceful massage. Warm towels. No kids. Yeah, gifting any mother a spa treatment is one of the best ideas you can purchase.

  • Send an anonymous gift


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    As good as your intentions are, not everyone is comfortable with taking help. This is one of the reasons why so many choose to give anonymously during the holidays. Send a gift card or monetary gift in the mail.

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  • Put your "gifts" to good use


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    Do you have the ability to make handmade items? Are you a wizard when it comes to organizing your home or closet? Think about the gifts you possess, and ways you can treat the mothers in your life.

  • Host Christmas at your house


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    There are tons of reasons why the holidays can be hard for a mom. Maybe funds are limited. Maybe she's newly single, and will be spending Christmas alone. Maybe there's no family nearby. Consider inviting your gal pal over for the holidays -- including her children, if they're around -- to your house.

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  • Watch pets over holiday break


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    Think of yourself as a saint if you're willing to be a pet sitter to your friend's furry loved one. Paying for pet care while you're away can get pretty expensive. Yes, you might have to deal with barking, unexpected hair everywhere, and a new buddy -- but the gesture will surely put a smile on your bestie's face.

  • Create a "me kit" for your mom friend


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    Once you have children, most if not all of your attention automatically goes to them -- which is expected. That, however, doesn't mean Mom can't enjoy something nice, and perfectly wrapped in a bow. Create a kit or gift basket of your friend's favorite items. It could be something as random as toe nail polish, or a bottle of wine. No matter what you choose, it's the thought that counts.

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