Mom Proves Girls Can Be Santa Claus Too (VIDEO)


Santa Claus is a Girl!Have you ever wanted to play Santa Claus but didn't think you could -- because you're a woman? Lindsay Ferrier is a wife and mom who dressed up as Santa for a day and had no cares if people could tell whether or not she was a girl. In fact, her dare turned into a fun outing, full of laughable moments.


Lindsay didn't think it was fair for only the gents of the world to have fun in the infamous red getup, and decided to take matters into her own hands -- with the help of her besties (after all, you do need your squad) Lena and Yvonne. The trio headed out to Redondo Beach in California, dressed to the nines in their holiday apparel.

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"You sound like an ax murderer in that voice."

There were so many funny moments throughout this video -- like when the young surfer asked for the new Madden video game, and Lindsay told him he would get new Steve Madden shoes. And what about that little girl who knew this was all a sham? Obviously the snowman would melt in hot weather, Santa "can't be a girl," and why would s/he come to Redondo Beach in the first place?


It's always great to have a laugh.


Image via Cafemom Studios/YouTube

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