10 Signs You're Suffering From 'Mom Brain' (PHOTOS)

Anne Meadows | Jan 5, 2016 Being a Mom

You've heard of Baby Brain. You know, when babies in the womb gobble up all of Mommy's thoughts and leave her a glowing cotton-headed mess. It's a cute image, but the truth is, "baby brain" is real. And as many a mother can tell you, it extends well beyond pregnancy. In the early postpartum days, it's expected that a new mom will display the absentmindedness that comes with prolonged lack of sleep. Who can really blame her?

But what if, long after the baby is born, your head stays a little foggy? What if, between the stress of daily life and the disappearance of a regular sleep schedule, you keep finding your keys in the freezer?

That's when you know ... You're not dying. You've just got a case of Mom Brain.


Image via Anne Meadows

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