10 Signs You're Suffering From 'Mom Brain' (PHOTOS)

Anne Meadows | Jan 5, 2016 Being a Mom

You've heard of Baby Brain. You know, when babies in the womb gobble up all of Mommy's thoughts and leave her a glowing cotton-headed mess. It's a cute image, but the truth is, "baby brain" is real. And as many a mother can tell you, it extends well beyond pregnancy. In the early postpartum days, it's expected that a new mom will display the absentmindedness that comes with prolonged lack of sleep. Who can really blame her?

But what if, long after the baby is born, your head stays a little foggy? What if, between the stress of daily life and the disappearance of a regular sleep schedule, you keep finding your keys in the freezer?

That's when you know ... You're not dying. You've just got a case of Mom Brain.


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  • You Forget Your Username ... Again


    Image via Anne Meadows

    Short-term memory gaps are common and nothing to worry about. That's what password resets are for!

  • Your Kid's Getting School Lunch Again


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    Thank goodness you like PB&Js, too! And baby carrots? Not just for babies!

  • You Can't Remember Your Kid's Name


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    It's a decision you agonize over for months -- choosing the perfect baby name. Just a few years later, when you're yelling at one of them about the Lego that's embedded in your foot, you go through every one of your kid's names, including the dog's, before you get it right.

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  • You're Losing Things


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    At least you remembered your umbrella. Didn't you?


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  • Your Car Keys Keep Hiding From You


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    That's why you made a second set of keys and hid them away ... where again?

  • Your Post-it Notes Need Post-it Notes


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    Good night, glow worm. You'll be mommy's nightlight tonight. 

  • Your Mirror Gets Ignored


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    You've still got those high school math chops. Matching socks? Not so much. 

  • You Forget to Follow Through


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    So the permission slip's still hanging on the fridge next to the alphabet magnets and your cousin's Christmas card from last year. That's why you've got the school secretary's number programmed into your phone. If only you could find the phone ...

  • You Constantly Re-enter Rooms


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    Don't despair: The "doorway effect" is a real thing.

  • You Forget Your Most Precious Cargo


    Sure, you also refilled the gas tank, dropped off a package at the post office, and called your mother-in-law, but all anyone can talk about is how you left poor Susie on the soccer field. 


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