20 Hilarious Christmas Card Photo Fails

Michele Marin | Dec 11, 2015 Being a Mom
20 Hilarious Christmas Card Photo Fails

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year! Right? It is until it comes time to wrangle the kids, the pets, even the adults for the perfect holiday greeting card photo. Seem like an insurmountable task? Well, it might just be, given how truly awkward some people's holiday photos turn out. Looking for a little inspiration for what not to do this holiday season? We found some amazing family photo fails that'll do just the trick.

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Trying to get the family crew together for a photo is ridiculously hard. First, we have to make sure that everyone is dressed and wearing coordinating outfits. Then we have to make sure that we get to the photographer on time, no one has snot running down his or her nose, everyone is smiling, and -- oh, what is the dog doing? Why did we think it was a good idea to bring him? Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

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We've gathered some of the funniest Christmas cards out there for our readers' holiday entertainment. And remember, when all else fails (like these #EpicChristmasCardFails), at least have a laugh about it! Click through for 20 memorable Christmas Cards that are funny, original, and sometimes downright creepy!

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