15 Dads Who Showed Us What It Means To Be A Great Father in 2015 (PHOTOS)

Outside of Father's Day, it's not often that we salute dads—both our own and others'— for all of those times they go above and beyond their parenting duties, but in 2015, more than a few "dad moments" went viral and caught our attention. 

Click through for 15 times real life dads warmed our hearts this year.


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  • Hero Dad Chris Mintz Refuses to Die on His Son's Birthday


    Image via John R. Knicely/Twitter

    When Army vet and father Chris Mintz was laying on the ground, having been shot multiple times while trying to save other students at an Oregon college during a shooting rampage in October, his thoughts were about his 6-year-old son, Tyrik. "It's my son's sixth birthday, it's my son's sixth birthday," he reportedly said. Thankfully, Chris survived the tragic events of that day, giving us and little Tyrik a true lesson in heroism.

  • Dad Reacts to His Son Playing With Dolls


    Image via KFOR News 4

    When Mikki Willis' son Azai picked out a Little Mermaid doll at the toy store for his birthday, the dad of two realized the moment could be a lesson not just for him but for parents everywhere. The resulting viral video, in which he pledged to love and accept his son and his choices, whether they fit into conventional gender stereotypes or not, has racked up over 19 million views.

  • Dad Creates Brilliant Anti-Bullying Song for His Daughter


    Image via Khari Toure/YouTube

    After his 6-year-old daughter was bullied about her weight, dad Khari Touré didn't just give her a pep talk, he wrote a song that boasts a wonderful message about loving yourself. Watch the viral music video here.

  • Even Dads Enjoy a Dance Break


    Image via Rumble Viral/YouTube

    Sometimes it's the little daily moments that dads contribute that go unacknowledged, so we love that this daddy, who stopped what he was doing to spend a few moments being goofy and busting out some dances moves with his young kids, was caught on tape being so awesome.

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  • This Dad Took Birthdays to the Next Level


    Image via russellmonro/YouTube

    There are dads who stop by the grocery store to pick up a birthday cake, and then there are fathers like Russell Monro, who made sure his son's 6th birthday would be one he'd never forget. Click here to watch the epic birthday cake surprise he planned for his son.

  • Dad Takes Great Steps to Walk Daughter Down Aisle


    Photo via WLBZ 2/Facebook

    Walking your daughter down the aisle at her wedding is a moment many fathers cherish, and, for leukemia survivor Ralph Duquette, it was an honor he was determined not to miss, even though it required him to enlist the help of physical therapists and work hard all summer to be able to make the short walk without his wheelchair. We imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the house when the time finally came for him to escort daughter Heather to the altar.

  • School Resource Officer Becomes a Father to an 'Unadoptable' Student


    Image via WYFF News 4/YouTube

    When South Carolina Master Deputy Mike Gibson first volunteered to be a school resource officer in his free time, he had no idea just how much the position would change his life. After getting to know a little boy, who had been in and out of 7 foster homes and was considered "unadoptable" because of his behavioral issues, at his local Child Development Center, the officer, his wife, and their three kids decided to adopt the child and make him a part of their family.

  • This Dad Lends a Helping Hand


    Image via Ashleigh Williamson/YouTube

    Being a parent means supporting your kids in their quest to accomplish their goals, no matter how big or small, so we salute this dad for finding an ingenious solution to help his 2-year-old son blow out his birthday candle.

  • Dad Gets Drenched So His Son Doesn't Have to


    Image via imgur

    Although the anonymous dad in this photo might never realize how much he inspired others with the small sacrifice he made on a particularly rainy day, shielding his son from the weather while he got wet himself, we hope that the praise generated from this viral pic has made its way back to him somehow.

  • Air Force Dad Surprises His Son on His Birthday


    Image via Rumble Viral/YouTube

    This military dad gave his son the best birthday gift ever when he surprised him with a present worth more than anything money can buy. Watch the heart-warming viral video here.

  • Dad Comes Up With Creative Punishment


    Image via WWBT NBC 12 News

    Most parents probably wouldn't want their discipline tactics to make the local news, but in the case of Virginia dad Jared Cramer and his solution to his 13-year-old daughter's outrageous $500 phone bill, we have to give him kuddos for his creativity and the punishment's effectiveness.

  • Inspiring Father & Son Agree to Help Each Other Through Son's Rehabilitation


    Image via Stink3y3/imgur

    Break out the tissues for this one! Dad Rick Delashmit made his son a promise after the 12-year-old awoke from a coma caused by a car crash. Whenever his son Reece, whose brain injury caused him to struggle to regain the use of his limbs, used his physical therapy equipment to practice standing, Rick, who was heavily overweight, would run for the same amount of time on the treadmill. The story went viral in August 2015 after Rick posted a photo, noting "He's up to 90 minutes and I'm down 70 lbs."

  • Dad & Son Dress Up as 'Frozen' Characters


    Image via © Catherine Lane/iStock

    Some less cool dads might have balked at their 3-year-old son wanting to dress up as Princess Elsa for Halloween, but not Paul Henson, who not only supported his son but even dressed up as fellow princess Anna. The two squashed gender stereotypes together during Halloween 2015.

  • Rapper Dad Makes Breast Pumps Cool


    Image via George Moss/Facebook

    When rapper George Moss defied the #thuglife stereotype of a professional rapper by posting this selfie of him cleaning his wife's breast pump after he finished a performance, moms everywhere applauded.

  • Dad & Daughter Recreate Iconic Pictures of Famous Black Women


    Photographer Marc Bushelle wanted to make sure his 5-year-old daughter had strong role models to look up to as a young black woman, so he did so by dressing her up and photographing her as iconic and historical figures like Toni Morrison and Josephine Baker in a truly inspiring way.

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