Mom's Spot-On Adele Parody Is a Hilarious 'Hello from the Mother Side' (VIDEO)

mothersideHope you're ready for yet another mom-themed parody of Adele's "Hello," because the latest one is really, really good: Singer-songwriter Emily Mills has turned the megahit single into an anthem any overtired, underappreciated mom can relate to, called "Hello from the MotherSide" (of course!). 


With Adele-style cat-eye makeup, fur coat, and dark nails, Mills tells it (or rather sings it) like it is:

No wistful wails over lost love, no wondering what might have been. Nope, this lady has more practical matters on her mind ... like fractions and grilled cheese and, of course, wine.

“Hello, it’s me/I would love to grab a glass of wine and maybe a grilled cheese, but I got kids I have to feed/I got one in volleyball and one who’s coming home with Ds/Why can’t she get this fraction business/I can’t take it anymore.”

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Sounds familiar, right? In fact, I'll bet it sounds a lot like stuff you say every day, except you're probably not belting out your laundry list of maternal complaints like a diva. 

But it kinda makes you wonder if maybe you should be.


Image via BA Mills/YouTube

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