Pinecones: The 'It' Gift of the Season (PHOTOS)

Eve Vawter | Dec 16, 2015 Being a Mom
Pinecones: The 'It' Gift of the Season (PHOTOS)

Still wondering what to get your baby or kid for Christmas or Hanukkah? Well, wonder no more because I'm here to tell you, there is nothing on earth your child wants more than a pinecone. 

Pinecones are so hot this year ... at least according to these stock images.


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  • Your daughter may say she wants a new doll or a bike for Christmas ...


    Shutterstock/ Maria Uspenskaya

    But what she really means by that is she wants a pinecone. Just look at the joy on this child's face after receiving one! You can't get the same reaction after she unwrapped an American Girl doll! 

  • Pinecones are very versatile ...


    Shutterstock/Sergey Kuznecov

    If your kid feels like her beloved pinecone needs some customization, why, she can just bust out some paint and some googly-eyes, and voila! Her very own new friend she can sleep with and cuddle! 

  • Think of the hours of enjoyment ...


    Shutterstock/Andy Dean Photography

    ...your children would have if you gifted them with a basket of pinecones. "What is this miracle? What do we do with it? Do we eat it?" they will ponder. For hours. 

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  • This little tyke really wanted a new hat ...


    Shutterstock/Tanya Little

    ... That is, until his parents explained to him what is way better than a hat to keep him warm! 

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  • This kid wanted some new glasses ...


    © Radius Images/Corbis

    ... so he could do his homework -- that is, until his parents explained to him that back in their day they used pinecones for glasses! Boy was he excited! 

  • This little girl wanted to bake sugar cookies ...


    © Dave and Les Jacobs/Blend Images/Corbis

    But her parents said, "Hey, you know what tastes even better than a sugar cookie? And stop complaining! It's cold out so you better put your hat on!" 

  • This little guy wanted an Xbox ...


    Shutterstock/Vanessa Nel

    ... until his parents took him out to the woods and showed him Nature's Xbox, and then told him he could pick any one he wanted! It was a tough decision, but you better believe there are no losers when it comes to picking an awesome, fun pinecone! 

  • There is nothing more baby-friendly than a pinecone


    Shutterstock/Sergei Kolesnikov

    Forget organic teethers and eco-friendly toys sourced from untreated Indian hardwood. What your baby wants to gnaw on is Mother Nature's own sore gum soother: the pinecone. 

  • Parenting done right.


    Shutterstock/Dmitry Lobanov

    See, these parents knew what their baby really wanted for Christmas and made sure Santa left that under the tree! 

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  • It's not just for babies & kids ...



    Think about how many people on your gift list would be thrilled to receive a pile of pinecones! 

  • This man knew there was a better way to ...



    ... propose to the mother of his children than by giving her a pinecone. Who needs Tiffany?

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