13 Signs You're a 'Star Wars' Jedi Mom (GIFS)

Futuristic woman with Jedi lightsaber

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... there lived a woman, but not just any woman: a powerful Jedi. Doesn't that sound awesome? Let's face it, lightsaber or not, every mother is a badass in her own way. Whether you're using the force to navigate the roads of parenting, or do your best to keep your sanity in a sometimes chaotic household, you, my dear, deserve all the praise in the galaxy.


Here are some fun ways to tell you're a Jedi Mom. Hopefully, this will help awaken your inner force within.

1. You aren't afraid to give random pep talks. "Indeed, you are powerful." "You will meet your destiny." Why, didn't you know you were quoting Star Wars, in your effort to encourage your child?

2. Fight for peace and justice in your home. No one in your house is going to the dark side. Period. There will be no Siths!

3. Use the force when you sense something is off. Whether you get "that feeling" your child is somewhere misbehaving, or things go a little too quiet in your house, you are one with your kid.

4. Tackling multiple tasks at once isn't a big deal. You can have dinner ready, lunch made for the next day, and help out with homework -- without batting an eye. And if that doesn't work, you aren't afraid to order pizza, and spend time helping your kid Google all the answers.

5. Try your best to raise younglings and padawans to follow the Jedi Code. Peace, patience, and responsibility. These are some of the things Jedi Moms try to teach their kids. It's all about helping little ones use their powers for good -- including cleaning their rooms and taking out the trash.

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6. Have hidden talents with a lightsaber. When it comes to the Galactic Republic (your household), you will throw down in the blink of the eye -- even in the face of danger, like a scary spider, or a monster in the closet.

I am a mama trying to use the force, haha #lightsabertraining

Posted by Tanvier Peart on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

7. Can see without looking, and know things, without anyone saying a word. Why, yes, Jedi Master, you know when your kids need something, and they don't have to open their mouths to tell you. This includes when your child needs to eat, use the bathroom, or take a nap.

You even have eyes in the back of your head, but don't tell anyone.

8. Can summon your child without speaking. When you give your little one "the look," he or she knows.

9. Know too much about self-denial. Your child steals your snacks, and won't let you have a moment to yourself in the bathroom. That's okay, because a Jedi's life is all about service.

10. Don't sweat unexpected and last-minute requests. Even if your children ask you to make something for their school's bake sale that's the following day, you know how to keep your cool.

You're resourceful, and will use Pinterest if necessary.

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11. Have been known at times to defy the High Council -- including your mother-in-law.

12. Have no problem telling your child he or she is "the chosen one" -- for the sake of maintaining sanity and balance. Whatever gets your little one to go to bed on time. Jedi mind tricks and reverse psychology are the best.

13. Train in the Jedi Temple, known as mommy groups. Hopefully, this is a judgment-free zone, where you can hone your skills, and exchange parenting notes with other Jedis.



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