20 Kids' Toys That Offended or Creeped People Out

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Toys fly off the shelves during the holiday season. Who can forget the frenzy over Cabbage Patch Dolls and Care Bears back in the '80s? But while most toys celebrate the happy days of childhood, there have been a few through the years that actually stirred up quite a bit of controversy (Breast Milk Baby, anyone?). From risqué Barbie dolls to disease-inspired plushies, these 20 toys made headlines for all the wrong reasons. 


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The best toys ever knew to keep things simple; Tickle Me Elmo, slime, and even the fidget spinner didn't rustle any feathers because the ideas were pretty basic. These toys fail because the concepts were out there -- way out there. 

It's a wonder some of these ever made it to market at all. We have to wonder -- what exactly were some of these toy companies thinking?! A toy should be something that allows children to engage in creative play easily and without giving them strange ideas about gender, sex, race, or God knows what else.

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Take a look at these crazy, WTF toys that went completely, 100 percent wrong.