14 Things That Prove Moms Put the Magic In Christmas (PHOTOS)

Eve Vawter | Dec 7, 2015 Being a Mom

Moms do so much during the holidays. And I'm not just talking about buying the majority of the gifts and preparing the holiday meal. There are all these other little tiny things moms do to make the holidays magical, and as much as a lot of moms do have partners who help with all of the Christmas preparation, moms still end up doing the bulk of the work. Especially when it comes to the things their families take for granted. Don't believe me? Just check out this list and ask your partner when they did any of the following. 

And then go add some extra bourbon to your nog because you deserve it. 

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  • Buy Scented Pinecones From a Craft Store


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    There has never been a man in the history of the world who has said "Shoot, I need to go to Michaels and buy a bag of cinnamon scented pine cones." No man has ever, ever had this thought. Ever. But most of us moms start thinking this right about the time we are throwing out the rest of the leftover green bean casserole. The pine cones smell fabulous, but would anyone you live with remember to buy them but you? Nooooooope. 

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  • Move the Damn Elf


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    Unless you specifically ask your partner to move the elf, they won't do it. They won't be scouring Pinterest looking for new ideas, crafting a tiny elven fishing rod and floating Goldfish crackers in the kitchen sink, or staging a marshmallow snowball fight with this little f*cker. That will all be on you. And if you do ask your husband to "move the elf" he will probably reply "Elf? What elf? We have an elf?" 

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  • Remember the Advent Calendars


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    I didn't buy advent calendars because I stupidly assumed at ages 11 and 13 my kids were too old for counting-down-to-Christmas. Oh how wrong I was, and my kids were all too happy to let me know it. They were very disappointed, so I quick got them two on December 3. But had I not done this, would my husband have? Oh hell to the no. 

  • Buy Gifts for the Mail Carrier


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    And the garbage people, and the babysitters, and the kid who cuts your lawn. Do you think anyone remembers these people at the holidays except moms? 

  • Moms Remember the Teachers


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    Who do you think buys or makes or bakes the gifts for all the kid's teachers? It's not men. They would be all "Wait, what? We need gifts for those people too? Don't we pay taxes?" or some nonsense. 

  • OMG & Their Mother


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    Does your partner or husband buy a gift for their mother? if you say yes, YOU ARE LYING. Or else you need to tell me so in the comments because I don't believe you. If my husband does remember to buy a gift for his mother he always suggests something she does NOT need, like a gift basket of soaps or a box of chocolate. Nothing that she would really love or treasure. maybe your partner is different but mine would be all "Um, oh, yeah, I forgot I had to do that.. would you mind ordering.." 

  • Make Sure the Kids Have Christmas Pajamas


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    I know a lot of moms who do this, so I'm not the only one. But unless you are specifically texting your partner to tell them exactly what jammies to buy and what size that ain't getting done unless you do it. 

  • Moms DVR the Christmas Shows


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    Who is remembering to DVR Elf and The Grinch? Probably you. 

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  • Decide What to Make for Christmas Breakfast


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    Yes, your partner may feign interest in the big day dinner especially if it involves a ham or a big slab of tenderloin, but I'm pretty sure the people you live with assume magical Christmas elves make that breakfast casserole or the pancake batter. Moms always make sure there are yummy breakfast foods, for everyone to gobble up between unwrapping presents. 

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  • Remember to Buy Batteries


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    Since my list so far is almost vaguely sexist (Dumb men! Can't they do anything right?) I may as well add this to it. In my gender classifications of my brain, batteries seem like a MAN thing. So why is it I am the ONLY person who knows that come Christmas morning we will need batteries for all the toys and video game controllers? I want to reserve my brain space for shit like lip gloss and macaroon recipes and shirtless Idris Elba, not remembering to buy batteries. But yup, that's another thing moms do, buy batteries. 

  • Making Sure the Presents Look Extra Pretty


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    Your partner may be some gift-wrapping wizard, but the majority of men just aren't. You know who wraps the presents my husband buys? Amazon. If I told him that he should curl the ribbon he would look at me like I've been smoking Christmas crack. 

  • Moms Do the Majority of the Baking


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    Why does your house smell so wonderful during the holidays? because of all the baking you do. Sure, lots of men bake and lots of men are happy to "help bake" -- and by that I mean sample the cookies you've made and decorate one or two before they remember they have an unwatched episode of Fargo on the DVR. 

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  • Stuff the Stockings


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    Sure, your partner may help put the candy and small toys IN the stocking, but I bet you are the one who remembered to buy the items to put in there. If I left it up to my husband he would end up giving the kids a half pack of gum and some pocket change. 

  • Do it All


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    Yes, there are plenty of men out there buying presents and decking the halls and hanging mistletoe, but I think the majority of the work falls squarely on mom's exhausted shoulders. So here's a tip from an X-mas pro, if you want to find something in your stocking like your wife or girlfriend wearing stockings (and a garter belt, if you've been very good) then you might wanna up your Christmas game. 

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