Pouting Kid Is Star of This Family’s Viral Holiday Card (PHOTO)

Andrew Leigh holiday photo cardTrying to get the whole family posed perfectly for a holiday photo can turn anyone into a Grinch. But Australian politician and dad of three, Andrew Leigh, found the humor in the harrowing task and shared his family's hilarious Christmas card, which is so relatable parents worldwide are having a laugh at it. 


What this photo illustrates so well is how some days, as hard as you may try, you're just not going to get the little guys to fall in line. 

Look at that face! So adorable and yet so sullen! And, hey, we've all been there, right? Even in today's world of constant selfies, sometimes you just do not feel like having your picture taken. Way to be true to yourself, little guy! 

You have to wonder how many snapshots it took before the photographer and the Leighs decided to scratch a formal photo and go for the laugh with this one. 

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Someday that fussy fellow on the left is going to either be mortified by this or find it hysterical that his scowl went viral. Then Mom and Dad will have the last laugh! 

Don't you also love how the rest of the family is smiling so sweetly with the whole nothing-to-see-here attitude? Good for them. They're certainly not alone. Plenty of other families will no doubt have a member or two go rogue and end up on the naughty list when it comes time for the family photo shoot. Because, as moms, we know getting that perfect picture for the annual holiday card is nothing short of a Christmas miracle! 


Images via @LaborHerald/Twitter 

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