10 Types of Moms You Should Unfriend Immediately

circe laptopIf you're like pretty much anybody with a Facebook account, you spend half of your scrolling time rolling your eyes at the posts of people you're friends with because ... well, you met them somewhere, once. But is there really a point to continuing social media "friendships" when they drive you absolutely nuts?

Maybe it's time to purge your "friends" list of some of the worst offenders. To get you started, here are some types of moms you should unfriend ASAP -- trust us, you'll be glad you did!

1. The #Blessed Mom

Every day is another Pinterest-perfect, flatteringly filtered fantasy for this very #blessed gal, and she wants to make sure you know just how #blessed she is! So #blessed as she and her family wear scarves and mittens on a cold day! So #blessed as the sun rises outside her very own kitchen window! So #blessed to drink coffee from a mug in the morning!! (Also be wary of accepting friend requests from #blessed's sister, #grateful.)

2. The "My Kid Did It First" Mom

Posts include: OMG only 9 months and already walking!! Soon she'll be running, LOL; So proud of Jayden for being the youngest one in his class to get a black belt!; and Who needs training wheels? Not this 2-year-old!!

3. The Anti-Vaxxer

Looking for informed, well-balanced opinions on medical issues? Then for the love of God stay the hell away from this woman, who's pretty sure everything from war to climate change can all be traced to vaccines. Oh, and in case you were wondering? She had the chicken pox and turned out fine.

4. The Clean Living Mom

She feels SO much better since she cut out gluten, dairy, meat, eggs, caffeine, and sugar, you guys. Oh, and she used to love her nightly glass of wine just like the rest of you, but now it's just hot lemon water and she has so much energy when she wakes up in the morning! LOVING LIFE!

5. The Sanctimommy

You know those irritating studies about how going on your iPhone makes you a bad parent and how people don't spend enough time with their kids and everybody feeds their kids too much garbage? She can be counted on to share every last one, along with some self-righteous sentiment that inevitably begins with the words "Shocked and saddened that so many parents think this is okay."

6. The "Woe Is Mom" Mom

Guess whose kids missed the bus this morning? Also, guess who came out of the grocery store to find that somebody knocked out her taillight? Which wouldn't have been such a big deal if she didn't slip on the stairs and bruise her tailbone. Oh, and what is wrong with people in this town?

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7. The Product Pusher Mom

Ladies, do you want to look younger? This clinically proven [fill-in-the-blank] has totally changed her life! It's seriously amazing!! People at work think she got a facelift but it's just this AMAZING [fill-in-the-blank]! And if you act now you get a free [fill-in-the-blank]!!

8. The Fox News Update Mom

If you care about our country, you'll read her posts. If you don't, you're part of the problem. But you should know the truth. Because they're not telling you the truth. Oh, and you should probably sign this petition to ban some perfectly innocent and harmless group of people from doing something perfectly innocent and harmless.

9. The Panic Attack Mom

Moms, you need to know about this HORRIFYING chicken nugget recall!! Moms, you need to know about this HORRIFYING study on SIDS!! Moms, you need to know about this HORRIFYING flaming hurricane tornado virus cloud that's coming our way!!! 

10. The Very Superstitious Mom

She believes that good luck is headed her way this week. Share if you believe good luck is headed your way. If you don't share, then you obviously don't want any good luck to head your way. In fact, you should probably expect bad luck to head your way. 

Image via Mike Licht/Flickr