20 Most Coveted Christmas Toys of the '90s (PHOTOS)

20 Most Coveted Christmas Toys of the '90s (PHOTOS)

If you were lucky enough to be a '90s kid, then your Christmas list was chock-full of toys with odd names like Furby, Elmo, Tamagotchi, and Pogs. Blame it on Nickelodeon or commercials played during Saturday morning cartoons, but there was no shortage of must-have toys in the 1990s, and if your friend Julie had the latest Beanie Baby, then you totally needed it too.

Click through for 20 toys from the 1990s that every kid wanted Santa to bring. Tell us: How many of these toys did you have growing up? 


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  • Tickle Me Elmo


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    Blame it on Rosie O'Donnell. In 1996, the talk show host plugged the plush Sesame Street doll on her TV show, creating a high demand that caused parents to stampede through stores and get into fistfights in order to get their hands on a Tickle Me Elmo for Christmas.

  • Beanie Babies


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    They first gained popularity as the toy given away in McDonald's Happy Meals, but by the end of the '90s, Beanie Babies were high-end collectibles that adults were selling on eBay.

  • Buzz Lightyear


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    Thanks to the popularity of Toy Story, every kid wanted a Buzz Lightyear action doll to call his or her own.

  • Nintendo Game Boy


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    Long before kids had cell phones and iPads, they were keeping themselves entertained on long car rides by playing video games on their handheld Game Boy.

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  • Tamagotchi


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    A Tamagotchi was a digital pet that every '90s girl carried around with her. You were constantly needing to feed and play with it, which made it a good litmus test for your potential as a future babysitter and parent.

  • My Size Barbie


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    Chances were if there was a My Size Barbie box wrapped under the Christmas tree, you might have had an inkling about what was in it! My Size Barbie was three feet tall, and girls could even wear her clothes.

  • Polly Pocket


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    An entire miniature doll world existed inside of each Polly Pocket. Your mom might have hated stepping on the tiny pieces or accidentally vacuuming them up, but it was a small price to pay for such a cool toy.

  • Talkboy and Talkgirl


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    Kevin McAllister had one in Home Alone 2, which means that every '90s kid you knew had to have one as well!

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  • Spice Girls Dolls


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    To answer the Spice Girls immortal "Wannabe" question, we really really really wanted all five Spice Girls dolls in the '90s.

  • Sega Genesis


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    We still have a soft spot for Sonic the Hedgehog and all of the '90s Sega characters we grew to love while playing video games in our living rooms.

  • Barbie Styling Head


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    There are probably more than a few professional hair stylists who got their start styling and cutting the hair of Barbie Styling Heads.

  • Creepy Crawlers


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    When it came to potentially grossing out your parents, Creepy Crawlers had the market cornered, so every kid wanted a set.

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  • American Girl Dolls


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    Drooling at the American Girl Doll catalog wasn't enough for '90s kids. They tried to be good all year so Santa would bring a Samantha or Molly doll for Christmas.

  • Furby


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    They're a little weird looking, almost creepy, but in 1998 Furby dolls were flying off the shelves before Christmas.

  • Sky Dancers


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    They were a cross between a Barbie doll and a toy helicopter, making Sky Dancers irresistible to young girls in the '90s.

  • Power Wheels


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    Even at a young age, every kid dreams of owning his or her own car, and Power Wheels allowed that dream to come true sooner rather than later.

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  • Power Ranger Dolls


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    "Go, go, Power Rangers!" was the chant of any kid lucky enough to score a Power Rangers doll. Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, was our favorite, of course.

  • Pogs


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    It's hard to believe that small, round pieces of cardboard could attain such popularity, but in the mid-'90s, there was possibly nothing kids loved more than collecting Pogs and showing their collection off to their friends at recess.

  • Talking Baby Sinclair


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    Dinosaurs was a live-action, Jim Henson–created show that kids were obsessed with in the early '90s. The baby dinosaur was a particular fan favorite and had catchy phrases such as "Not the momma!" and "Gotta love me," so it makes sense that its doll counterpart was on every kid's wish list.

  • Totally Hair Barbie & Friends


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    Any Barbie lover knows that styling Barbie's hair is one of the best parts about playing with the dolls, so Mattel gave '90s girls what they wanted: a Barbie, along with her friends Courtney and Ken, who had crazy long hair that could be braided or twisted any way your heart desired.

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