Dad Reimagines Song So Kids Can 'Shut Up & Go to Sleep' (VIDEO)

Dad makes fun parody song about children not going to sleepParents of young children know sleep is a hot commodity that's not afforded to anyone ... no matter how hard you try to bribe your kids. Reed Verdesoto is a dad of three little girls (all under age 5) who wants his daughters to shut up and go to sleep. His parenting video parody about sleepless nights is dead-on.


Why is it that kids always want a glass of water -- or something random at night -- when they know good and well they need to be in bed?

It always happens.

In case you feel like you heard the song before, Reed's "Shut Up and Go to Sleep" song was reimagined from the Walk the Moon hit, "Shut Up and Dance."


Once I saw Reed take a drink from one of his kids' sippy cups, I knew sh*t was about to get real. While there was the occasional glance at the camera that made things awkward, "Shut Up and Go to Sleep" was pretty cute.

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"Just go to sleep!"

Ahh, if only it were that easy.

With two kids under 2, I can totally relate. There are nights when my husband and I wonder whether or not our boys have some X-Men capability, or are using "the force" to communicate. Sometimes they get up at the same time, and that can make the concept of sleep merely a dream.

Hang in there, Reed!



Image via Reed Verdesoto/YouTube

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