Mom Uses Adele's 'Hello' to Brilliantly Capture Truths of Being a Parent (VIDEO)

Adele Adele has been the soundtrack for the lives of so many people. Her soulfulness and heartfelt lyrics are undeniable, as she speaks to so many situations -- including being a mother. Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers has reimagined Adele's hit "Hello" as a funny mom anthem. Seriously, it's pretty awesome.


"There's such a mess, between us -- and a million laundry piles."

It doesn't matter if you're a new mom or a veteran in the game -- Deva's "Hello" parody speaks to some real situations. How many times have moms told their kids to clean up? How many times have moms apologized for throwing away a piece of artwork, or hung their heads in shame -- as they peed with an audience?

Stuff like this happens, which makes this video honest -- and quite comical.

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Everything from the sepia-like filter, to Deva wearing a fancy ensemble, was spot-on. She took some pretty good notes from Adele's video that made for laughable moments -- as the focus shifted from a broken relationship to the daily struggles many parents face.

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Deva call her friend and husband before she began to give us some Adele realness on the phone. "Deva, why are you singing?" Bwahaha. Am I the only one who's ever sung about life's frustrations?


Never mind.

This video gets two thumbs up from me. I love Adele. I love this parody.

The end.



Image via MyLifeSuckers/YouTube

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