10 Pregnancy Cartoons That Hilariously Depict the Joys & Struggles of Motherhood (PHOTOS)

Mom creates hilarious pregnancy and mommy images to show the struggle is realMoms everywhere know just how real the struggle can get. Whether you're pregnant or trying to keep up with little ones, it's hard work. Line Severinsen is a Norwegian mother of two whose funny pregnancy and mommy problem cartoons perfectly illustrate what words can't sometimes convey.


Hairy belly. Unable to tie your shoes. "Poking" the baby during sex. Yup, most, if not all of us, have been there.

Line's website, Kos & Kaos, has a gallery full of laughable moments, but for now, we'll just shoot a virtual high-five for these oh-so-true realities.

Can you relate to any of these?

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If only people could learn to keep their comments to themselves. Ahh ... that will be the day.

Who needs keys and the same pair of shoes anyway?

That feeling in third trimester� #tegning #gravid #gravidmage #pregnancyhumor #preggoproblems #babybump #thirdtrimester #mamma #mammaliv #babybelly

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Sometimes it's better to keep your baby's name to yourself. If you like it, roll with it.

Drunk woman. Nosy chick. They're all the same. This is one of the last things you want to hear after giving birth -- and even months postpartum.

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Did I miss the day I signed up to be a part of the petting zoo?

Verbal instructions can really go a long way, especially if you have a super-committed nurse yanking on your boobs.

Guess what? That will be you in a few months. No need to scare yourself. With time, my friend, with time.

Post-delivery selfie. Check.

So, you're okay with boobies in a Wonderbra, but not feeding a child? Got it.

No matter the struggles we experience, all of us are awesome, brilliant, and beautiful mothers. Wear your capes with pride, ladies!

Image via kosogkaos/Instagram

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