What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag: Real Moms Share Their Must-Have Items (VIDEO)

Pregnant woman packing hospital bagMoms-to-be are notorious for putting everything except the kitchen sink inside their post-delivery bag. Yeah, there will be times when you get to use some items, but most likely, they'll stay neatly packed and forgotten. 


Rather than make your hands any fuller than they need to be, wouldn't it be great for moms to tell you what to pack in your hospital bag? Here you go!

Sure, every woman will differ -- and have a different pregnancy experience, for that matter -- but that doesn't mean there aren't a few commonalities when it comes to packing that hospital bag. Some ladies don't realize hospitals provide many of the bare basics, or that silky pj's are likely a no-no.

It's always good to know the most useful items you'll need, and the ones you can keep at home.

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I barely packed a hospital bag with my firstborn (I kinda waited until the last minute), which ended up working in my favor. Aside from the car seat, all I had was a thick pair of socks, a button-down nightshirt, a couple pairs of underwear (boy did I learn about mesh panties real quick!), a nursing bra, and travel toiletries.

Less is definitely more -- unless you're planning for some glamorous photo shoot that requires a blow dryer, a curling iron, and makeup.



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