Why Chris Hemsworth as 'Thor' Makes the Perfect Manny (GIFS)

If you have a kid or plural kids, chances are you may be looking for reliable and trustworthy childcare. Have you considered hiring a male nanny? Specifically, have you considered hiring Chris Hemsworth as Thor to be your male nanny?


There are plenty of reasons you should consider Chris Hemsworth as Thor when trying to meet your childcare needs:

He's Pretty Strong 

The Asgardian God of Thunder would not only be able to protect your kid from any playground bullies, but he would also probably come in handy for carrying groceries in for you.

 He's Pretty ... Pretty

Hot lady nannies are so overrated. Isn't it time people started hiring hot male nannies? By hiring Chris Hemsworth as Thor, you would be doing your part to bust sexist, antiquated stereotypes.

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He Would Always Be Up for a Starbucks Run  

Thor loves coffee, you love coffee. He would always be ready to have another.

He Knows the Perfect Response When Your Kid Asks to Stay Up late ...

Or when they want an extra cookie, or a new toy, or to ride the dog around the house like a pony. Or when you are asked to make two dozen cupcakes for the school bake sale.

He Knows How to Give "The Look"

In order for kids to respect you, you need to master "the look." Thor has this down. Just take one look at him. See how disappointed he is in you? Your kids will be so ashamed if they misbehave!

And Did I Mention He Is Pretty? 

So, what do you think? Would Chris Hemsworth as Thor make a good nanny? Would you hire him?  


Image via © AFLO/Nippon News/Corbis

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