Thanksgiving Bingo for Single Moms in Holiday Hell

This Thanksgiving, before you set your children down at the kids' table and partake in a tryptophan coma, print out this fun-filled handy-dandy game of Bingo that you can use to keep track of all the stupid comments directed your way.


You may not want to whip this card out at the dinner table, but depending on how many glasses of wine you have and how obnoxious your family members are, maybe you will. 


Thanksgiving Single Mom Bingo

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Sadly, we cannot award you prizes for winning this round of Bingo, but please, if you do get a Bingo, feel free to have an extra glass of wine or an additional piece of pie. Hell, eat the entire pie. You deserve it. 


Image via Everett Collection/ Shutterstock; Design by Anne Meadows

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