Who Wore It Better? Baby vs. Man Edition

There is nothing we love more than seeing celebrities dressed exactly the same in hot new trends and deciding who wore it better. But even better than pitting celebs against each other to see who looks hotter in the latest couture is pitting darling babies against grown men who have a snowball's chance in hell of winning.


See for yourself. Who wore it better? The baby or some man?



Beard: Who Wore It Better .. This Baby or This Man? 

OK, I know, I know, the baby does look pretty weird with facial hair. But the dude looks even weird-er, especially coupled with his thousand-yard stare. So guess what? Baby wins! 

 Man Bun: Who Wore It Better ... This Baby or This Man? 

Ahhh, the man bun -- because instead of just throwing their hair back into a teensy-tiny ponytail, dudes now need to copy any woman who doesn't have time to wash her hair by throwing it into a teensy-tiny bun. Face it, although some guys look cute with this look, the baby always wins.

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Flannel Shirt: Who Wore It Better ... This Baby or This Man?

Once the uniform of outdoorsmen, lumberjacks, and people who played in bands on Seattle's Sub Pop label, flannel shirts are now worn by just about everyone, at any time -- including me when I'm washing my kitchen floors. But who rocks this look better -- dudes or babies? Babies. Babies win. 

Dorky Glasses: Who Wore Them Better ... This Baby or This Man? 

Dudes who copy Terry Richardson and opt for oversized frames are to be treated with a heavy dose of skepticism, and when they pair this with a flannel shirt you should run the other way, because that obviously means they are about to invite you back to their loft apartment for a private photo session. But babies who wear this? Grab them and cuddle them. The baby wins. 

White T-Shirt: Who Wore It Better ... This Baby or This Man?

This is a tough one, because most men look hot in just a white T-shirt. That being said, the baby still looks cuter than the grown man. Baby wins. 

Chest Hair: Who Wore It Better ... This Hairy Baby or This Hairy Man? 

A lot of women like dudes who have no idea what the term "manscaping" means. Which is fine. I'm not judging you. But I still think we can all agree the teeny-tiny hairy baby still wins. 

Hipster Fedora: Who Wore It Better ... This Baby or This Man? 

Fedoras look awkward on anyone who isn't Humphrey Bogart or a baby. Baby wins. 

Diaper: Who Wore It Better ... This Baby or This Man? 

 UGH, don't be ridiculous -- I'm not even playing this game anymore! 


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