'How to Breastfeed in Public' Shows the Realities of Nursing on the Go (VIDEO)

Public breastfeeding viral videoBreastfeeding outside the home can be quite frustrating at times. Aside from crossing your fingers your little one will latch without hassle, moms often face a variety of issues -- including stinky bathrooms, and folks who can't help but stare. Hopefully this public breastfeeding video will make you laugh and nurse in confidence.


With over 738,000 subscribers (and counting), What's Up Moms knows a thing or two about making a funny YouTube video. Cofounder Meg Resnikoff is a mother of three who had no issues stepping in front of the camera to bring humor to an often nerve-racking reality breastfeeding moms likely face:

Public nursing.

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This video features five easy steps a mommy can take, along with oh-so-real situations that can, and probably will, happen. If anything, you'll find yourself nodding your head like, "Yup, I've been there."

Kudos to you if you give a flying flip who sees you -- or your "nursing machines," for that matter -- when you decide to feed your baby. You're right, it shouldn't be a huge deal, but sadly is. At least this "How to Breastfeed in Public" video reiterates how big of a deal it really isn't.

Side note: Nursing covers and I don't get along (I'll either use a blanket or shirt to cover my boob). We tried to date, but that relationship ended in flames.

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Thanks for the laugh, What's Up Moms.



Image via WhatsUpMoms/YouTube

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