Mom With Breast Cancer Breastfeeds Her Newborn & It Is Everything

Sarah Whitney breastfeeding mom cancer
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Photos have the ability to speak to our hearts and convey emotions without the need for words. Sarah Whitney is a mom battling breast cancer whose photo nursing her son moved the world to tears. It was honest, commanding, and represents the bittersweet journey of being a mother with cancer.


It's so hard to imagine all the emotions Sarah and her husband, Air Force Master Sgt. Michael Whitney, felt. Diagnosed with stage three breast cancer halfway through her pregnancy, the mom of three (Sarah and Michael are also parents to Corah, 7, and Phoenix, 6) had a unilateral mastectomy -- and underwent her first round of chemotherapy -- prior to giving birth. Back in April, their third child, Kal-El, was born at 36 weeks.

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Photographer Katie Murray captured a series of photos last spring that powerfully displayed both Sarah's strength and vulnerability. The photos are showcased in black and white, and there's a certain stillness you feel as you gaze upon Sarah nursing her son Kal-El for one of the first and last times. Due to her chemo treatments, Sarah would only be allowed to breastfeed Kal-El for two weeks.

Now months later, Sarah has opened up about her experience. Though she has faced exhaustion and illness at times, she's ever grateful for healthy children and continues to keep pressing forward. Even in pain and uncertainty, there's still joy.

This powerful photo has gone viral across the internet, and it's easy to understand why... Team Eglin spouse, Sarah...

Posted by Team Eglin on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Generous moms have donated breast milk to Sarah, with more offering support and encouragement any way they can -- including the Eglin Air Force Base, which allowed Michael to work from home most of the summer.

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Is anyone else at a loss for words after looking at these photos?

I pray that Sarah not only beats her cancer, but has the peace she needs to continue fighting. In addition to her current battle, Sarah also suffers from depression, and is unable to use her previous antidepressant because it will interfere with her cancer medication.

It's hard to fully understand what people go through in life. To be a parent faced with such a disease leaves me astounded. Yet, Sarah's fight and relentless spirit is so inspiring -- as it should remind us all to count every blessing we have.

Keep fighting, Sarah.

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