5 Daughters Thank Their Parents With Sentimental Wedding Dress Photoshoot

wedding dressFive gorgeous sisters from San Francisco wanted to come up with a way to thank their very supportive parents, and so they decided to hire Rachel Blackwell, the wedding photographer two of them used for their own weddings, and take some sisterly photos of them all wearing their wedding dresses. It was Lindsay, Becky, Kelly, Cassie, and Jamie's way to thank their mom and dad for being there for them, and why not wear their wedding gowns because they are truly incredibly beautiful in them?


We all know that marriage takes a village ... oh wait, that's raising children. Marriage takes a lot of love and support from your partner. I'll add in patience, intimacy, good communication, trust, honesty, and understanding. Support from parents? Sure. I love that these sisters have that -- perhaps they are inspired by their own parents' love and devotion to each other. I love this -- I truly do.

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But I would be lying if I didn't note that I didn't immediately see the connection of the wedding dresses and photos of wedding rings to a "thank you Mom and Dad" photo shoot. The ladies are lovely -- the photos show their happiness and joyfulness and the sisterly bond they share. And wedding dresses are expensive and tend to only be worn once, so why not put on the fanciest thing in your closet for a photo shoot? I get that. They all look so pretty in white.

Maybe Mom and Dad helped pay for those gowns and the wedding, and helped them afford the fairy tale they wanted for the big day. So I should stop being a cynic and just shut up.

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Cassie, one of the sisters, said that their parents are very sentimental -- and my goodness what better way to pour on the sentiment than seeing your little girl on her wedding day. Seeing all five of them in one photo? That's a vision for these parents. I remember walking down the aisle -- my dad and I very emo and arm in arm -- and seeing my mom's face ready to explode into tears of happiness. It's perhaps that moment that these sisters wanted to recapture for their incredible parents. See? I came around and now understand completely.

Someday, this may be something my daughter does ... and honestly any photo of her is the best photo I've ever seen. My support and love for her will always be there, and I know I'll be emotional and sentimental in every small and big step she takes in life. So, great job, sisters! It's beautiful they think of creative and lovely ways to thank their parents.


Image via Chris Photography/Flickr

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