Hilarious Commercial Parody Puts Delightfully Sour Twist on Sugary Sweet Moms (VIDEO)

cole escolaHey, moms, you know when you think you're doing something good for your kids -- like giving them the leading-brand orange juice -- and it turns out all you've been doing is pumping them full of sugar? It's enough to make you say screw it all and hole up in a motel behind a P.F. Chang's doing drugs, right? No? Well, it is if you're the mom in comedian Cole Escola's brilliant commercial parody!


The psychotically upbeat June Cleaver commercial mom stereotype has certainly been skewered before, and to hilarious effect (SNL alone has contributed countless winners to this category, including "Mom Jeans"), but Escola's skit is easily one of the funniest of its kind. Maybe it's his perfectly haunted stare, or the way he keeps making this mom's journey darker and darker, but watching this clip is truly a laugh-out-loud experience. Check it out:


Best line: "You don't spend time in Phoenix. You lose time." Hey, we've all been there!

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Seriously, is this not one of the best commercial parodies you've ever seen? Because it's not that much of a stretch -- as moms, we really are expected to take even such relatively small choices as which orange juice we serve our kids THAT seriously. (Well, maybe not that seriously, but pretty close.) Here's hoping Escola -- of whom I'm now a huge fan -- brings this character back!


Image via Cole Escola/YouTube

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