Lazy Teenagers With No Costumes Can Trick-or-Treat at My House

As much as I enjoy seeing kids of all ages dressed in costumes, if you are a teenager in a hoodie with a sad plastic grocery sack, come on over to my house on Halloween and I'll give you candy. Because teens trick-or-treating is way better than what they could be out doing. recently tackled this very issue, asking how old is too old for teens to be out trick-or-treating


In the poll posted on Today -- which asked the question, "How old is too old to Trick or Treat?" -- the majority of people who answered picked "Never!" ... which I totally agree with. Being a teenager is hard! Halloween is fun! Sure, teens can attend parties and not go door-to-door begging for candy, but most of us moms know that Halloween parties for teens can sometimes involve booze, and I would much rather give a teen a candy bar than think of their drinking and driving. Especially on a night when so many pedestrians are out wandering the streets.

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When deciding if the teen who shows up at your door with no costume deserves candy or not, consider this: 

Teens could be out toilet papering your trees, egging your house, or worse. 

They could be out behind a dumpster at the 7-11 doin' thangs.

Candy is better for teens than other things. 

We are all only young once and it's not like some dude with a business degree will show up at your door asking for candy. 

Besides, if you are anything like me, you way over-buy in the spirit of the season, and the last thing you need is a mess of leftover candy.

I know I'll give any kids, regardless of age or lack of costume, candy if they ring my doorbell. Unless they don't say thank you. Then I'm taking it back. 


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