11 New Emojis That Are Perfect for Moms (PHOTOS)

The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) has accepted 67 characters as candidates for brand-new emojis. Why will moms need these new emojis? Because they will help you express all the mom feelings and emotions you have on a daily basis so much more eloquently than could the lame old boring emojis we are used to. 


Here are some of the new emojis we may have access to in June 2016. 

pregnant woman emojiPregnant woman: This is pretty self-explanatory. We can use this pregnant woman emoji to express that our period is late, that our birth control failed, that we are attempting to con some clueless dude into putting a baby inside us, or that there is some pregnant woman crying in the bathroom at Starbucks. 

raised hand emojiRaised back of hand: This one is obviously for use when your teenager texts you and asks you for money. 

cowboy emojiFace with cowboy hat: This is perfect for that one emoji text moms need to send to their bestie simply to ask: "What the hell movie was Ryan Gosling in where he wore a cowboy hat?" 

sneezing face emojiSneezing face: Moms can send this to convey "I have a cold" or "That one anti-vaxxer mom is at the playground and her kid keeps sneezing all over and zomg I hope he isn't contagious." 

face palmFace palm: This will be the most used emoji in your mom arsenal, guaranteed. 

nauseated face emojiGreen nauseated face: Works for morning sickness, flu season, or when some mom from your kid's school is bragging about how she went to Ibiza because that's where she and her husband and children and nanny winter. 

clownface emojiClown face: For when you are planning a kid's birthday party but there will be a clown performer there making balloon animals and you know one of the children attending is deathly terrified of clowns.

prince emojiPrince: Even though this emoji is just some guy with a crown, it will totally work for when your friend texts you and asks What are you listening to lately? 

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bacon emojiBacon: It's about time we got a bacon emoji, considering it's a toddler's favorite food. Scratch that -- any kid's favorite food. 

lizardLizard: This will come in handy when someone texts you so you can just type "FML DD brought lizard emoji in house GGN."

And this next emoji, which, yeah, we all need because MOMSAMIRITE? 

shallow pan of foodShallow pan of food: This means "casserole." Okay, Unicode Technical Committee, whatever you say. Where's that EYE ROLL emoji when I need it? 


Image via © Tetra Images/Corbis

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