9 Signs Your Baby Is So #Basic

If you worry about being basic as you update Instagram, sip your #PSL, and devote a Pinterest board to your Tory Burch ballet flat collection, well, let's face it, you probably are. And bad news, Mom: Your baby is probably basic too.


Here's how to tell if your baby is just #basic. 

Your baby wears a lot of leggings.

And not just any leggings, but leggings that cost as much as your leggings and are usually in eco-friendly organic cotton. From Paris.

Your baby is a huge T-Swift fan. 

So #basic, baby!


Your baby has been to Coachella. 

Or Bonnaroo. Or Burning Man. Because there's nothing more basic than a Bonnaroo baby.


Your baby has a heavily art-directed gender-neutral nursery that has been featured on a design blog. 

No cartoon characters or pastels or moppet Muppets for your spawn; only basic babies thrive in a neoteric nursery.


Your baby gets super excited about new Disney or Pixar movies. 

Does your baby get all manic pixie dream baby when he or she hears a song from Frozen? Basic.


Is this part of your baby's running crew? 

Sophie is so very basic.


Your baby instantly calms down when he or she smells the aroma of Starbucks. 

Do you meet up with other parents and their babies at your local coffee house? Does the barista always spell your baby's name correctly? Basic.


Does your baby oftentimes wear animal ears?

Or cute little hats that have animal ears that make them look like a fuzzy little bear or cat or baby mousie? UGH, so very basic.


Your baby loves to snuggle.

Does your baby love snuggling up with you and being held and getting all cozy? Totally basic.



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