I Know How to 'Handle' My Kids, Thanks to Olivia Pope

If you think the Olivia Pope way of handling things applies only to business, you are missing out on using her no-nonsense approach to handling things in other aspects of your life. The reason I'm such an effective parent? I'm a damn gladiator when it comes to my kids. 


If you watch enough Scandal, you can basically use any of Olivia's amazing quotes when confronted with any parenting issue. 

When one of my kids calls me off the sofa and asks me to bring them a snack:

When one of my kids refuses to tell me if they have completed their homework:

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When one of them asks me if they can have friends sleep over last minute: 

When one of them misses the toilet when peeing and doesn't clean it up: 

When one of them tells me they need a dozen cupcakes at the last minute for the school bake sale: 

When one of them asks me what's for dinner: 

When my in-laws question my parenting tactics: 

So the next time you want to up your parenting game, just think to yourself: *WWOPD?


* What would Olivia Pope Do? 


Image via ABC.com 

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