Gorgeous Images Capture a Pregnant Woman's Range of Emotions (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Oct 5, 2015 Being a Mom

carrot inc preganancy photoshootVaida Rasciute, 32, is an art director at the very creative Carrot Inc, her collaboration with Kristina Sumile, based in Dublin, Ireland. At the end of her pregnancy with her third child, Vaida wanted to capture the moment in time and so she worked with photographer Agrita Vindzanova to take a series of photos. What happened once she was photographed is stunning -- the colors! -- and it shows the emotions we feel during pregnancy.

We can all say that pregnant women are beautiful -- and we are most certainly gorgeous when we are with child. But when you are pregnant, particularly in that last trimester during those final days, beautiful isn't exactly how we feel. We feel ready to birth, swollen, achy, unattractive, kind of like a house. At least that's how I felt and Vaida agrees. She told me, "I did not want to show myself to the world as a self-loving mother-to-be. I was fat, big, swollen, and totally not a beauty. With help of these petals and makeup I turned out to be pretty, so here you go. It was a shoot done in one day, [with] a talented team of amazingly creative people."

With Vaida's art direction and styling at Carrot Inc along with the skill of photographer Agrita Vindzanova, the team also included makeup artist Giedre Bereisaite and hair stylist Kristina Sumile, who all worked together to perfect these looks.


Image via Agrita Vindzanova

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