Kids Can Be Very, Very Dangerous to Your Health

moms injured by kidsBeing a mom can be painful sometimes, and we're not just talking about labor and delivery! Your kids can cause you all sorts of injuries, from minor scrapes and bruises to major burns, fractures, and more. We asked moms to share their stories of times when they became unexpected victims at the hands (and feet) of their little ones. 


I'll go first. Last week, as I was coming home from work, my 10-year-old son opened our side door to let me in. It was dark and I was carrying a bag over each shoulder. As I stepped inside and onto the landing that leads to our basement, he suddenly jumped into my arms in a welcoming hug -- all 85 pounds of him. In the dark, I struggled to get my balance, and before I knew it, the two of us were tumbling down the basement stairs. Mercifully they're carpeted, but not plush enough to prevent a concussion that has still left me with a dull headache and some unsightly facial rug burns. (Cheaper than a chemical peel!) 

In the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, I'm trying to use this as a "teachable moment," encouraging everyone to be a little more careful with each other.

At least I know I'm in good company. Check out some of the other mishaps moms within our CafeMom community have experienced:

"My son had a favorite board book when he was a baby. We were snuggling in bed once when he was about 18 months, and he wanted me to read it so he picked it up and swung it over to me. I was dozing so I didn't see it coming and the corner of it hit me hard in the eye. Then he signed, 'You're welcome,' lol." -- Heydooney

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"Back in the day when babies' first shoes were those ankle Stride Rite booties with the hard soles, I had my daughter on the couch putting on her shoes. My husband came by and started tickling her. She kicked me square in the face and gave me a black eye." -- MeandTommyLee 

"I was sitting at the table with my son who was about 2 at the time. He grabbed my stoneware coffee cup and when I told him to give it to me he turned and caught me in the eye with it. I had a huge lump and black eye! I stopped using those cups after that, lol." -- Breezy8445

"My son had a very long biting phase, where he'd only bite me. I remember one time my arm was covered in bruises from him. My mother asked me if my husband had been abusing me. I was mortified." -- BeatleMom417

"My son accidentally knocked me out. We were wrestling and tickling on the floor and he threw himself backwards and his (really hard) head smashed into my nose. I was only out for just a second but my husband saw it from the couch and rushed over to help. The blood scared my son to death. It was traumatic for everyone; even my 10-year-old daughter started crying because of the bloody scene. It really didn't hurt that bad, it was just shocking. Now we all laugh about it, but those first few minutes after it happened were pretty crazy." -- Anonymous1

"I was reading to my 10-month-old. I was bent over; he stood up in my lap and somehow head-butted me in the nose, and gave me a bloody nose. He is now 12 years old, and I still remember the pain, lol!!" -- Anonymous4

"My almost-3-year-old has scratched both my eyes and last weekend head-butted me in the face, making me think my nose was broken. All three happened while she was trying to get my attention away from my husband, because she is a jealous little bugger." --mnmbaby

"When my older two were younger, in the same week one took a half moon chip out of my front two teeth and the other broke my nose." -- Anonymous8

Apparently, moms aren't the only ones who've taken a beating! Dad and grandparents occasionally get clobbered too.

"I haven't really had any. But last night my husband and I were putting our daughter to bed and he was lying on the bed reading her bedtime story. She was being silly and went to tackle him, slipped, and full-force kicked him in his manhood. He's still in a ton of pain today. He asked for a Togo bag for his manhood last night because he wasn't sure they were still attached. I tucked her in and he went to get a bag of peas. I checked this morning; he's bruised. Poor husband." -- Anonymous9

"My ex-mother-in-law was kicked in the face by my ex whilst changing his nappy. Knocked out all of her front teeth so she has false ones." --EntrepreneurMom

So the next time you want to cuddle up with your cuties, be on guard! 


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