20 Dance Moves That Were So Cool in the '90s & Are So 'Mom Dancing' Now (VIDEOS)

Kids today are always making up some dance steps that become a viral craze. While most of us will practice in secret (hey, YouTube is a resource of information) to let our children know we're still hip, who says we can't pull something out of our own library? Take a two-step down memory lane as we look back at popular '90s dances that would likely be labeled as "mom dancing" today.


In no particular order, here they are:

1. Roger Rabbit. Don't act like you didn't Roger Rabbit while waiting for the school bus. It's still one of the coolest dances around.

2. Cabbage Patch. Sometimes, you gotta move in a circle to let folks know you mean business. The cabbage patch was quite the popular step to do.

3. The Reebok. There's a pretty good chance you've been doing this dance and had no idea what it was called.

4. Running Man. Come on, what's one of the first dance moves you used to bust out at a house party?

5. Kid 'N' Play. Speaking of House Party, what do y'all know about the "Kid 'N' Play"? It's like the hip hop version of The Charleston with a partner.

6. Butterfly. It wasn't uncommon in the '90s to butterfly when your jam came on the radio.

7. Sprinkler. This dance is an embarrassing classic!

8. Vogue/Voguing. Leave it to Madonna to inspire a dance craze with nothing but hand gestures.

Hey Madonna, you aren't the only one who likes to Vogue.

9. The Smurf. Quick feet will get you two thumbs up in the dance department.

10. Macarena. Line dances aren't a rarity, but this one was annoyingly popular.

11. Hammer. God bless you if your legs could move this fast! Who needs a Jane Fonda workout tape when you can Hammer?


12. Tootsee Roll. So...technically this is the butterfly -- but it's also a line dance. Did you know the Tootsee Roll dance can help fight labor pain?


13. Funky Chicken/Chicken Wing. Not to be confused with the chicken dance is the funky chicken, or chicken wing.

14. "Slam" dancing. If you really wanna rock out and embarrass your kids, give this a try.

15. Carlton. Thanks to reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air -- and Alfonso Ribeiro winning Dancing with the Stars -- the Carlton can live long and prosper.

16. The "Jiggy." Since we're on the subject of Carlton and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, do you remember Will Smith's rap career? Did you ever get "jiggy wit it"?

17. "Achy Breaky." Billy Ray Cyrus might've been a one-hit wonder to some, but boy did his song "Achy Breaky Heart" inspire a line dance revolution.

18. Wop. Youngins today (kidding, we're not that old) think they're slick. Have you seen the wop? If so, it might look like this:

But in reality, it started off as this:

19. Bart Simpson. Didn't you know a character from The Simpsons had his own dance? Some people called it the TLC -- or "Creep" dance from this music video:

Here it is again for you to relearn.

20. Harlem Shake. Here's another that got remixed not too long ago. Did you make a Harlem Shake video?

Well, if you had the energy, there's a chance you probably did the actual Harlem Shake back in the day. Who cares if some people might think you look like you're having a seizure? It looks cool.

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It's so funny to see what goes in and out of style. If it hasn't happened already, there's a pretty good chance our type of dancing will be cool again. Until then, at least we have a ton of moves to show our kids during a "back in my day" story.


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