Mom Shares Gut-Wrenching Facebook Post on What It's Like When a Drunk Driver Kills Your Family (PHOTOS)

It's a loss too gigantic for a mother to comprehend. A 21-year-old mother, Destiny Mantia, posted her heartbreaking story on Facebook of losing her husband, Corey, and 15-month-old baby Parker when they were hit by a drunk driver on the way to a pediatrician appointment. The post has since gone viral and we hope everyone takes the time to read her powerful words.


Destiny's post is below:

A year ago today was like many other days. Corey Mantia woke up and went to work. Parker and I stayed at home and played...

Posted by Destiny Mantia on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Destiny writes about the fleeting decision that driver made to drive drunk that shattered her entire world and begs people to consider the damage one stupid decision to drive under the influence can inflict. There's no way anyone can give Destiny back the young family she lost, and her dreams of a bigger family to come. All we can do is hope she can somehow find peace and healing and honor her loss by understanding the damage drunk driving has caused not just her family, but thousands of tens of thousands of families across the country.

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We should all thank Destiny for being brave enough to open up about her tragedy and hope it will serve as warning to everyone who's read her incredible story since it's gone viral that driving drunk isn't a chance anyone should take.

Destiny has paid the ultimate price for drunk driving that not one more mother should have to endure. Don't drive drunk, because the life you save just might be someone's precious husband and baby.


Image via Destiny Mantia / Facebook


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