Parents Terrorize Kids With Freaky Snapchat Filters & Film Them for 'Fun' (VIDEOS)

snapchatWhether you're a Snapchat user or not, you've probably heard about the app's new filters (yes, they're the ones responsible for all those videos on your Facebook feed of people vomiting rainbows). It ain't all rainbows, though -- some of the filters are of a more terrifying nature, and parents have taken to using them for very nefarious purposes.


Because some moms and dads apparently think it's hilarious to scare the bejeezus out of their kids, that's exactly what they've been using the filters to do, adding horror movie–worthy effects to otherwise adorable videos of their poor, innocent offspring. And boy, are these kids ever scared!! Hahaha! Wait, why is that funny?? Oh yeah, it's NOT. Just look at the sheer panic and terror on their poor little faces:

Please stop scaring the kids.... �

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Snapchat didn't update for this �

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Okay, to be fair, that last kid didn't seem too freaked out (but I am!). The rest of the little ones, on the other hand, seem absolutely scared out of their freakin' skin. Are these parents gonna be laughing when they wake up screaming from nightmares for the next month, I wonder??

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Look, I'm a pretty weird parent, by most people's standards, and I've never sheltered my kids from "scary" things, but this is taking things a bit too far, I think. I mean, I'm not trying to be judgy -- really, I'm not -- but there is literally nothing about these videos that makes me laugh. Cringe, yes, but laugh? Nope. 

Parents, I implore you: Please stop traumatizing your children with Snapchat. If you want to send chills up somebody's spine, why not terrorize your significant other? Or your coworker?? Or, hell, the pizza delivery guy, I don't care -- just make sure the person you choose to scare is over the age of 10, please!


Image via lollipop_scarl/Instagram

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