College Professor Gets an A+ for Helping Single Mom With Child in Class (PHOTO)

One can only imagine how hard it is to be a single mother. Amanda Osbon knows firsthand the difficulties a mom can face -- which is why this single mom was shocked her professor taught with her son in his hands during a class at DeVry University in Nashville.


After all, it's not every day you see an associate professor instructing a class with your 2-year-old son in tow. As you can imagine, Amanda felt a little embarrassed to bring her son Xzavier with her, but the unexpected lesson on kindness and understanding Professor Bunkowske taught that day is a message for us all.

I. Love. This.

It's very easy these days to point the finger and offer criticism instead of compassion. Yes, children aren't ideal to have in a college classroom setting (unless they're needed), but guess what, it can happen. Parents can find themselves in a situation that requires them to take their little one along.

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This professor didn't have to be so understanding of Amanda's situation (heck, he likely doesn't know all the details) -- and he could've easily had a different reaction. Yet, he appeared to have no trouble scooping up that little boy and carrying on with business as usual. Obviously, this probably won't be something that happens all the time, but the fact that Professor Bunkowske understands it can happen is enough to put a smile on my face.

There have been times when my husband or someone else couldn't keep my kids when I had something to do. Sometimes I canceled and other times I crossed my fingers that my destination didn't have an issue (I made the judgment call prior to leaving). Thankfully I've only encountered warmhearted individuals, which is a reminder to me to also be empathetic to the needs of others.


Image via Amanda Osbon/Twitter

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