Mom's Hilarious Version of 'Hallelujah' Strikes a Chord With Moms Everywhere (VIDEO)

mom's hallelujah

A mom's version of the song "Hallelujah" -- where the lyrics are altered to reflect her unglorious life raising kids -- has struck a chord with moms everywhere, turning her into a viral sensation.


Shannon Christensen Abbott, who lives in Payson, Utah, with her husband and two kids, had always loved Leonard Cohen's song but found his own lyrics "weird." So he created her own below:


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I hafta say, this mom's lyrics are spot on! Although I'm not very religious, I've definitely breathed "hallelujah" at bedtime or when my daughter's finally gone down for a nap. I've also cursed my husband for his ability to sleep through anything.

The song's popularity is truly a testament to how all moms have these same experiences -- and it's comforting to find company and humor in them.


Image via Shannon Abbott/YouTube

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