12 Times Breastfeeding Was Portrayed Positively on Screen (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Oct 2, 2015 Being a Mom

Nudity and sex scenes are portrayed regularly in the media, but rarely do you see women breastfeeding, at least not in a positive light. However, there have been times when the media nailed it by showing breastfeeding in the tasteful, classy way it deserves to be depicted, much to the delight of moms everywhere.

Click through to see the 12 times breastfeeding was shown to be a beautiful thing in TV shows and movies.  

Image via ABC

  • Bethenny Frankel


    Image via Bravo

    The Bethenny Ever After star nursed her daughter, Bryn, on an episode of the show, but says she doesn't think showing off your breasts for the world to see is for everyone. So when she's shown nursing Bryn, it's done prudently.

  • Sesame Street


    Image via PBS

    In a 1977 episode of Sesame Street, Buffy nurses her son, Cody, explaining to Big Bird that it's how mothers feed their babies. The show simply showed breastfeeding as a part of life, and no one thought a thing about it back then.

  • Grey's Anatomy


    Image via ABC

    The popular show tackled the struggle of working mothers who return to work and have few places to pump by showing Meredith pumping in the break room. It was a brief scene, but there was no negativity surrounding it, thankfully. 

  • Four Christmases


    Image via Spylass Entertainment

    At first Witherspoon's character, Kate, seems uncomfortable around kids, but then she sees her sister breastfeeding, and it's treated like a normal, everyday thing. In the next scene, she goes into the bathroom and tries out her sister's breast pump, her maternal instincts clearly kicking in.

  • The Office


    Image via NBC

    After Pam has her baby on The Office, she has trouble getting the baby to latch. The episode touches on an issue that sometimes nursing isn't as easy as it looks, especially in the beginning. The male lactation consultant is comedic relief, as Jim does not react well to him. But never fear, there is a happy ending. When Pam leaves the hospital, she's breastfeeding her baby successfully.

  • Rugrats


    Image via Nick

    The Rugrats episode titled "Mother's Day" shows a flashback scene of Phil and Lil breastfeeding when they were babies, tandum stlye. The twins call it being fed "the old way."

  • The New Normal


    Image via NBC

    They could have come up with a better name for the episode than "Dairy Queen," but props to creator Ryan Murphy for bringing the issue of breastfeeding to light in The New Normal. The character, Bryan, discovers a way to biologically bond with his child using a new breastfeeding device. Enter a choreographed version of "Milkshake," and it makes for some feel-good laughs.

  • Friends


    Image via NBC

    When Rachel is asked what breastfeeding feels like after baby Emma latches for the first time, she replies, "Wonderful."

  • Parenthood


    Image via NBC

    Crosby and Jasmine struggle through new parenthood, but Jasmine knows that breastfeeding is best for the baby and feels comfortable nursing discreetly in a restaurant.

  • Melissa & Joey


    Image via ABC Family

    A season one episode of Melissa & Joey brought to light two sensitive subjects: teen moms and breastfeeding. Melissa and Joey's nephew dates a girl in high school who's a breastfeeding mom as well as a mom who pumps. Kudos to the writers for showing a responsible teen mom.

  • Meet the Fockers


    Image via Dreamworks

    In a scene from this hilarious comedy, Robert DeNiro's character, Jack, shows Ben Stiller's character, Greg, a prosthetic "manary gland," a device presumably used to mimic breastfeeding. Sure it's absurd and funny, but the scene has an underlying sensitive tone that highlights a man's desire to bond with a child.

  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians


    Image via Instagram/@KourtneyKardashian

    Kourtney has been very open about her preference for breastfeeding on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She even posted this provocative photo of herself pumping hands-free. She's promoting breastfeeding, but does this pic go too far?


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