Proud Parent Shows Off His 9-Year-Old's Dog Walking 'Business Plan' (PHOTO)

kid business plan dog walkingParents find all kinds of stuff in their kids' backpacks, but one 9-year-old's dog walking business plans gave one parent such a chuckle, it got posted online and was met with rave reviews.


Actually, it was called Rylee's "dog walking buisness," but spelling skills aside, this note shows true promise that this kid could be raking in the big bucks in no time. Check it out below:

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If I were this kid's parent I'd be bursting with pride. Because I think today, many parents dream that their kids will become entrepreneurs and own their own business (à la Mark Zuckerberg).

Entrepreneurship, in my mind, shows smarts, passion, and initiative -- all attributes we prize in our kids. And let's not beat around the bush, people like this are bound to make money, and I'm not shy about saying I hope my kid is one day rolling in it!

I hope to see big things from this 9-year-old down the road -- and hope it inspires other kids (like my own) to start thinking about their own business, even if it's just a lemonade stand.


Image via dentiteoz/Reddit

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