'Remember Me? I'm Your Mom': Hilarious Video Begs College Kids to Call Home (VIDEO)

remember me i'm your momSo typical: Your kids head off to college, and never call. Well, one mom decided to guilt-trip her college kid into calling her back with a hilarious video that's going viral.


Ann Pinto McCarney's son Liam started college last month; the mom waited three weeks for him to call, but to no avail. That's when she decided to create this video below:

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Talk about a major guilt trip! But then again, I can see this mom's point. She did give this kid life, allowed herself to get cut open for a C-section, and tended to his every need for umpteen years. The least Liam could do is give his mom a call.

I can see why this video is going viral: Odds are, lots of college kids are remiss in calling home ... that is, unless they need money.

I hope this video prompted Liam to pick up the phone ... and even if it didn't, I hope the overwhelming response to this video helped Ann understand that she's hardly alone.


Image via Ann Pinto McCarney/Facebook

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