10 Thoughts Every Mom Has As the Bus Pulls Away (GIFs)

school busThere's no sight sweeter for a mom's tired eyes than seeing that big yellow school bus drive away every morning. Don't get us wrong -- of course we love and appreciate every moment spent with our kids (or at least most of them), but sometimes we could all use a break!


It's an experience every mother can relate to, even if your kids don't actually ride the bus. It's that first taste of freedom after a hectic morning, that flood of ideas and inspiration that comes with the realization that you're (temporarily) child-free at last -- and it goes a little something like this:

1. YAAAAAAAAY!!! There it goes! Oh my god, there is literally no one I need to take care of right now. I feel like I just lost 10 pounds! My arms are so empty!! WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST??

2. I should go shopping. Shopping is impossible with the kids! But I won't check the children's department. Even though they're still having back-to-school sales. This is ME time!!

3. But maybe I should take a nap first. It would be really nice to take a nap without some small person throwing toys at my head to wake me up.

4. Or I should write in my journal!! That's what Oprah would do. Because nobody interrupts Oprah every two seconds.

5. OMG, or maybe I should take a bath! A bubble bath!! Like the kids, except no bath toys! CALGON!!

6. Except, hang on a minute. The kids might be gone, but their dirty clothes are still ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

7. And there's that conference call coming up in an hour, and that afternoon deadline ...

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 8. It's so unfair!!! Is there truly no such thing as free time for moms??

9. Okay, get a grip. At least there's that cupcake waiting for me -- the extra one I secretly brought home from the bake sale and hid behind some broccoli. 

10. And at least I can dance while I fold all that laundry without the kids making fun of me! 

Hey, it's all about appreciating the little things in life, right? And don't forget, the bus will be back tomorrow! Maybe you should schedule a mani-pedi now ...


What is it that you can't help but think about when your kids leave for school?

Image via Wes Peck/Flickr

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