Real Estate Ad Says That Moms Aren't as Good as Men at Work & It's Right! (VIDEO)

Gosh, everyone is all upset about this ad that this real estate company sent out to families that live in Washington. Why is everyone all upset? Because of the way the Costello and Costello Real Estate Group depicts working moms



Here's what has all the moms in a tizzy: 

"It's bad, it's so bad." 

I don't even know what that lady means! 

This ad is amazing, and completely accurate. I love houses. I love looking at real estate and I would love to mayhaps get my real estate licence but I have kids. And the image of the part-time agent really does accurately depict what it means to be a mom who works part-time as a real estate agent. You can ask just about ANY mom who works as a real estate agent what her life is like and she will tell you, this ad is basically it. 

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She would love to show you a house to buy, but she can't because she is tied up. Literally. Not a day goes by where my own kids don't randomly tie me up. I know, I know, you may be thinking this doesn't make a lot of sense, how can two people under the age of 18 who also aren't very tall manage to tie up their mom, but it happens. Constantly. Especially when one of our children is holding a pile of cash money and has stolen our car keys, and the other one has attended magician school and is wearing a top hat and is painting our face when we are just trying to check our social media on our cell phone. Don't even get me started on the baby, because we moms know that babies basically do nothing but wear colanders on their heads and play with broken pieces of pottery and perfectly browned toast. The part-time agent mom in this ad would love to show prospective buyers the home you have for sale but she can't because someone has wrapped the family basketball in toilet paper again and is feeding Bubbles the fish random Lego bricks. That also happens, always. Compare this to the full-time professionals who want to sell your home for you? Just look at these male professionals! 

These dudes are in suits! Nowhere in the image of the full-time professionals is there the family duck or the random scissors. These men know business, they know the real estate market, and they know a lot more than the part-time mom agent with kids. Who would you rather represent you prospective home buyers? The professional men or the mom who leaves stacks of cookies around and celebratory balloons floating everywhere? 

To be fair, Costello and Costello Real Estate Group did apologize, but they maybe should have had someone check this flyer before they sent them out. They could have had a woman agent do that, but she was probably too tied up. 


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