5 Pics of a Newborn Nestled in Puppies That Will Totally Make Your Day (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Sep 16, 2015 Being a Mom

newborn with pupsNewborns are cute. Puppies are cute. But a newborn and puppies? Well, that could very well kill me -- which may explain why Teresa of Park Avenue Photography decided to photograph 6-day-old Brydon Klingbeil with nine pups born on the same day.

"The Klingbeils are dear friends of mine, and I did a newborn photo shoot for mom Kami at the hospital when baby Brydon was born," recalls Teresa, who lives in Chico, California. "She joked with me about photographing the puppies too. I decided it would actually be a really sweet photo shoot."

Not that it didn't have its challenges.

"The photo shoot was a tricky one, trying to capture the puppies and the baby at the same time," Teresa admits. "Baby Brydon was crying and did not want his pictures taken, but once we put him in the middle of a puppy pile he loved every second!"

Before the puppies go to their separate homes, Teresa plans to do one more farewell shoot. "We have a few ideas in mind, including dressing the baby and puppies up in matching denim overalls!" she says. "It will be another sweet photo shoot for sure."

Until then, feast your eyes on these adorable pics.


Image via Park Avenue Photography