Mom Forgives Best Friend Who Ran Over Her Toddler: Would You?

holding handsIf your best friend ran over and killed your toddler, would you ever want to see that BFF again? That's the question Brynn Johnson faced when Cassie Miller accidentally collided with her 17-month-old daughter Rowyn -- and amazingly the moms are closer than ever.


The accident happened a year ago, when Cassie had driven to Brynn's house to pick up Brynn's son Wyatt and take him to day care along with her own boy Easton. Cassie and Brynn were struggling with Wyatt because he didn't want to go to school; amid the hubbub no one noticed that Rowyn had wandered off the porch into the driveway.

Once the boys were settled in the back seat, Cassie attempted to pull out of the driveway when she heard a sickening thud as her car collided with Rowyn. Both moms ran to the toddler's body and administered CPR and prayed and cried until an ambulance arrived, only the little girl had died on impact.

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Even though such a tragedy could easily tear friends apart, the moms found solace in grieving together. They also set up a charity called Raise for Rowyn that raises funds for other families who've lost a child.

Talk about inspiring: I've seen friendships end over much less -- a snide comment, a joint vacation gone horribly wrong. But a dead child? I don't know. Even if I knew it was an accident, just seeing that person would be an uncomfortable reminder of what had happened.

So I commend these two moms for making it through this ordeal together. It's a testament to how friendship always makes us stronger, even (or perhaps especially) in the face of tragedies like this.


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