If You Want to Be Happy, You Need to Have at Least 4 Kids

It would seem experts in Australia have unlocked a mystery people have been dying to know -- and I'm not talking about ways to get around paying taxes. Researchers at Edith Cowan University believe parents are happiest with four or more kids.


Even in the midst of household expenses and the occasional lack of that little thing called sanity, experts are sticking by their data. Their five-year study apparently followed families from all walks of life that helped them come to their conclusion. According to them, larger families tend to be happier and have a stronger sense of fulfillment or completion.

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As a former only child (my sister messed that up when I was 10), I can kinda understand some of these sentiments. Having a brother or a sister can be a ton of fun, as you have a partner in crime -- or a person you blame should you get in trouble. I was always envious of other families that were their own Brady Bunch when it came to numbers. However, now that I'm older, I now realize there's more to being happy than the number of plates you set out at the dinner table. Just because you come from a big family doesn't mean you'll be close, or full of joy for that matter.

There are families out there that don't model the 2.5 kids and white picket fence standard. There are families with one child, one parent, a blended mix of children, two kids, and 10 kids. Happiness is something that comes from within and is different for everyone. So long as you feel complete with your decision to have your ideal number of children, who cares if you meet some threshold?

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Having four kids isn't realistic for everyone and shouldn't be pushed as a minimum number to obtain the most happiness. Everyone's situation and circumstances will be different, so let's just focus on what's most important: the fact that you have a family to call your own and love.


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