After Man Proposed to His Girlfriend, He Asked Her Daughter to Marry Him as Well (VIDEO)

Marriage proposals are nearly always sweet, but William Ledbetter made me swoon when he proposed not only to his girlfriend, but her 5-year-old daughter. Ledbetter and girlfriend Paige Evans had been dating for two years when Ledbetter popped the question to Paige in her home in Gray, Georgia, then followed up with a proposal to her daughter Maddie -- with a ring and everything!


Check it out below.

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In my mind, this double proposal is so sweet because it makes total sense: When you marry someone who has a child, it makes total sense you'd make a ceremonial commitment to that child as well.

And since some kids might worry this new person may be an interloper who'll steal Mommy or Daddy away (or at least monopolize their time), I think it's particularly important to let them know that they're just as important. It's sure to make this new family unit all the tighter.


Image via atm2003/shutterstock

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