Parents Recreate Daughter's Romantic Selfies With Hilarious Results (PHOTOS)

parents recreate daughter's selfieAfter teen Emily Musson posted some romantic photos of her with her new boyfriend, her 50-something parents recreated her selfies -- and the resulting pics are hilarious!


Check out some of the photos below of Emily with a classic teen pout, boyfriend nuzzling her neck, then compare to her parents' parodies where they cop the same poses.

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Now, I'm sure some teens would have been completely mortified if their parents mimicked them like this ... but Emily had the sense of humor to realize her parents had nailed her. She posted the photos on Twitter, where they quickly went viral.

And I totally get why! Teens and their selfie obsession are totally hilarious, and ripe for parodying -- and who better to do it than Mom and Dad? 


Image via Emily Musson/Twitter

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