Mom Blogger 'Can't Feel her Face' With This Back-to-School Parody (VIDEO)

Put your lighters up and pass the offering plate, because this mom's back-to-school parody is speaking all sorts of truth. Blogger Jess Sanfilippo's video, "Can't Get Some Peace," lays catchy lyrics about common parenting realities to The Weeknd's song "Can't Feel My Face."


Let me be the first to slap a warning label on this bad boy -- and not because there's any explicit language or anything. Honestly, this is one of THE BEST parody videos I've ever seen (sorry, Weird Al). Be prepared to laugh and even nod your head in agreement (you've been warned).

In the words of Bruno Mars (and Trinidad James ... if you dig rap), "Don't believe me, just watch."

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I can only imagine the happiness I will feel to have my little ones start school (OK, that's a lie. I'll probably sob first and then get used to the idea over time).

Maybe I'll look something like this.

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Obviously mamas love their kids, but come on, you have to admit quiet time and having the ability to tidy up the house without its being destroyed 30 seconds later is nice. I also happen to be a strong proponent of panty strutting and catching up on a few Real Housewives shows (ain't no shame in my game). There's nothing wrong with wanting to have your Twinkie and eat it too.

This is all in good humor and shows that kids aren't the only ones who can have a little fun.


Images via SHUGGILIPPO Jess/YouTube; Giphy

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