9 Ways Moms Can Carve Out a Little 'Me' Time

frazzled new mom

There’s nothing more exciting, fulfilling, and exhausting than being a new mom. Your entire life has turned upside down and it can be hard to see beyond the endless hours of feedings and bathtimes and diaper changes and cuddles. While the love you feel is limitless, your energy level is not. But you can and will get through these busy days, especially if you learn how to carve out a little "me" time. So here are some easy, totally guilt-free ways to sneak in a few rejuvenating minutes (or hours, if you're lucky!) during the week.


What's your favorite way to enjoy some "me" time?

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  • Join a babysitting co-op.


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    Look into an existing co-op or start one with your friends. It’s a great way to get a night or afternoon out without breaking the bank. All you need is someone to serve as administrator to keep track of hours earned and used and it all falls into place. Plus, you can meet new people, share ideas and use it as a social outlet for yourself.

  • Eat cake!


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    Make yourself one of those delicious microwave-in-a-mug cakes. It only takes a few minutes but tastes like it took all day to create. There’s something about making a single-serving treat that does the trick. Or, simply indulge in a decadent dessert, sliver of chocolate, or frothy cappuccino. It works wonders for the soul. 

  • The Cutest Combination


    Ruffles (the pink Tutu Bodysuit) meet rough-and-tumble (the Hooded Utility Jacket) in this adorable ensemble perfect for everyday play.

  • Bomb your bath.


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    While the baby’s down for the count, it’s a perfect time for you to enjoy a luxurious bath. Yes, you can do this! Make a homemade bath bomb from basic kitchen ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, salt, water, essential oils and food coloring. It’s fun, inexpensive and easy. Or, making a trip to the bath and body store works just as well! The point is to take the time to relax in the tub.

  • Go to the movies. Alone.


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    Try it! Getting lost in a movie is not as lonely as it seems. Send your spouse to the movies at 1pm, and then you can catch the 4pm show and talk about it together over dinner later. It saves you babysitter stress and dollars and gives you a couple of hours all to yourself.

  • Take a stroll.


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    Babies love to be pushed around in their comfortable chariots (wouldn’t you?). Find a time that fits your baby’s schedule and turn it to your advantage. Walk or jog while your baby snoozes in the open air. You get to clear your head, get some exercise and your baby benefits as well. 

  • Best Basics for Him


    With their easy-on elastic waist and tons of pockets for holding all his found treasures, you’ll want to stock up on these comfy Drawstring Cargo Joggers.

  • Rise and shine an hour earlier.


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    Sounds brutal, but getting up an hour earlier just may be your saving grace. There’s nothing better than being up and about before anyone else. You can sip your coffee in solitude, read the newspaper without interruption, stretch your limbs or just sit in silence. Your body will get used to your new hours and the initial tiredness you feel will be replaced with a feeling of blissful contentment!

  • Create a cozy corner.


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    You spent all that time putting together the perfect nursery. Now it’s time to make a sanctuary for yourself. Whether  it’s a corner in the kitchen, a nook in a spare bedroom or a makeshift room in the basement, make it yours! Add your personal touches, a comfortable chair and good lighting and retreat to your space, alone, whenever you need to regroup. 

  • Read!


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    Indulge in a trashy novel. Buy this week’s tabloid with your favorite celebrity on the cover. Laugh over the comic pages. Subscribe to a magazine, online or print. It’s amazing how revitalizing a little escape into someone else’s world can be. 

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  • Join a gym.


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    So many gyms offer free babysitting services these days that it’s foolish not to take advantage of the perk. It’s a win-win for both of you. Your baby gets to socialize and you get to work out your stress. 


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